Progressions: Donald Judd & Sol LeWitt

1 September - 31 October 2020

The Bonnier Gallery is pleased to present Judd & LeWitt, an exhibition of sculpture and works on paper on view through October 31st, 2020.


The exhibition coincides with the Museum of Modern Art’s full-scale retrospective of Donald Judd and feature a range of Judd’s self-contained single units in different mediums (including wood, steel, and brass), as well as Progressions by Sol LeWitt, and a number of works on paper by both artists.

Throughout their careers, both Donald Judd and Sol LeWitt worked through diverse mediums in an effort to challenge the perceived limitations of their Abstract Expressionist predecessors. Each artist sought to strip their work of any pretension or illusion in favor of physical objects existing in real space, a lifelong endeavor that would cement Judd and LeWitt as seminal figures in the minimalist movement.

As one of the most significant American artists of the Post-War period, Donald Judd’s contributions have come to epitomize the models of Minimal Art though this is a label the artist sincerely rejected. Judd developed a unique physical vocabulary that utilized clear and straightforward objects as the principal mode of production.

Sol LeWitt is renowned as a founding member of both Minimalist and Conceptual Art movements. In the 1960s, LeWitt began creating two-and three-dimensional works using the cube, varying its form through systems based on language, mathematics, and other structures. LeWitt’s work also reflects an omnipresent interest in repetition and seriality.


To schedule a viewing for groups no larger than six, please contact christina@thebonniergallery.