The MFA Showcase: Talia Ceravolo, Nadine Hall, Charlisa Montrope, Monica Leslie Travis, John Colón, Max Eisenberg, Emma Ortiz, Diego Waisman

11 June - 20 August 2022

The Bonnier Gallery is delighted to announce its inaugural MFA Showcase, featuring eight artists from local graduate programs. Adhering to the gallery’s dedication to local educational institutions as well as providing a platform for local students to enter the gallery space, the MFA show will remain a staple of the The Bonnier Gallery’s programming every summer.


The exhibition opens Saturday, June 11, with a reception from 7-10pm. On view through August 20, 2022.


The artists include four from the University of Miami:

Talia Ceravolo, Nadine Hall, Charlisa Montrope, and Monica Leslie Travis; and four from Florida International University: John Colón, Max Eisenberg, Emma Ortiz, and Diego Waisman.