Joel Shapiro American, b. 1941

"Artists have fleeting moments of inspiration which are very exciting. The realization of a meaningful thought or form can be a truly ecstatic experience. It does not last long. It does happen regardless of context."

Joel Shapiro (b. 1941) is an artist of international prominence. He has executed more than thirty commissions and publicly sited sculptures in major Asian, European and North American cities and has been the subject of more than 160 solo exhibitions and retrospectives internationally. In his recent investigations of the expressive possibility of form and color in space, the artist suspends painted wooden elements from the ceiling, wall, and floor, exploring the projection of thought into space without the constraint of architecture. In 2011, the artist energized the monumental forty-three foot-tall gallery at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany with fifteen vibrantly painted wooden elements.


Shapiro "wanted to make work that stood on its own, and wasn't limited by architecture and by the ground and the wall and right angles."