Fred Sandback

"What I am doing is influenced by history, but it is not concerned with history. It’s not concerned with developing but rather with a lateral sort of expansion. I don’t want to develop an idea in my work. I’m interested in the specific qualities of a thing, not in its cultural context. "


Fred Sandback was an American minimalist conceptual-based sculptor known for his yarn sculptures, drawings, and prints.


Sandback’s sculptures outline planes and volumes in space. Though he employed metal and elastic cord early in his career, he dispensed with mass and weight by using acrylic yarn to create works that address their physical surroundings, the “pedestrian space,” as Sandback called it, of everyday life. By stretching lengths of yarn horizontally, vertically, or diagonally at different scales and in varied configurations, the artist developed a singular body of work that elaborated on the phenomenological experience of space and volume with unwavering consistency and ingenuity.