Claire Morgan Irish, b. 1980

“Exploring the physicality of animals, death, and illusions of permanence in the work is my way of trying to come to terms with these things myself.”


Claire Morgan is an Irish artist based in Gateshead, England. She is known for her hanging installations as well as her drawings. Her works have been shown all across Europe, and she has received both public and private commissions on numerous occasions.


Claire Morgan’s fragile hanging installations reflect her interest in natural processes and organic materials. In her works, the young artist (b. 1980 in Belfast, Northern Ireland) engages with the elemental conditions of man in his habitat and reveals the impossibility of grasping the complexity of life and death (see quote, above). Elegance and beauty, but also senselessness and horror, are present in her installations and drawings. Simultaneously poetic and vexing, they express the ambivalence of life.