Pedro Sena is a Cuban artist who has been living in Miami, FL since 2014. As a young artist growing up in Cuba in the early 2000s, Sena lived through perhaps one of the most confusing mixtures of ideologies one can imagine. Resistance to assimilation or faking any set of beliefs led Sena to develop a nihilist perspective, constantly searching for pointless, instant pleasure while dismissing others' suffering and even his own future. But a question still remained in his head: what if he sincerely tried to make life less oppressive for himself and for others? What if he aimed for a more meaningful way to conduct himself in the world?


Sena's artistic practice started through painting and drawing in a highly conceptual, carefully rendered manner.  His work is a personal attempt to explore his own human condition and his inner desire to achieve wholeness. His conceptual and aesthetic inspiration comes from surrealism, expressionism, and realism as well as ancient symbols and ideas.
Sena has exhibited work in several shows and salons. He participated in the “Quest for Peace” art contest at Miami Dade College in 2017 where he received First Prize. In 2018, he was awarded the First Prize at the MDC Kendall Campus Art Show. Sena's drawings were shown at the “Rising Stars” exhibition at New World School of the Arts in 2018 and 2019. In 2021, Sena received his BFA with Honors from New World School of the Arts.
Sena is currently an MFA student at Florida InternationaI University and an art teacher at Miami Fine Arts Academy.