Talia Ceravolo

I am interested in the pursuit of ephemeral beauty, the effect beauty has in our daily lives, and the emotional potency of the experience of beauty.

Talia Ceravolo is a San Diego based contemporary portrait painter working primarily in the medium of oil on canvas. Bright Embers, Ceravolo’s solo MFA exhibition at the University of Miami Wynwood Gallery, debuted a series of closely cropped portraits of the artist’s friends and female artists within her community. The direct gaze of her subjects in combination with the richness of her color palette evokes intimacy and warmth between subject and viewer. Ceravolo’s paintings reflect her fascination with individuality and her desire to capture the spirit of each personality, the "bright ember" within us all.


In May 2022, Ceravolo graduated from the University of Miami with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting. In 2013, she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts with an Emphasis in Oil Painting at San Diego State University. After her undergraduate degree she furthered her education with an independent study, learning classical Master-Style techniques at the Atelier San Juan in Puerto Rico.


In the pursuit of her expansion as an artist and fueled by her inspiration of the natural world, she experiments with moving beyond traditional canvases, developing methods for building organically shaped and stretched supports.