Monica Leslie Travis

I use sculpture and installation as a weapon to antagonize thought and provoke conversation.

Monica Leslie Travis is a sculptor who lives and works in Miami, Florida. Travis received her BFA from Florida International University in 2005 and her MFA from the University of Miami in 2020. Travis uses sculpture as a conceptual mirror to visually represent cultural absurdity. Her work intends to reflect idiosyncrasies that exist in the surrounding world. Travis frequently draws her ideas from social issues such as consumerism, politics, and health.


Travis frequently uses wood, plexiglass, vinyl, copper, glass, and time-based technology in her work. Scale is employed as a visual strategy to emphasize the enormity of certain social issues and the belittlement of others. The role of technology has evolved in her process as a representation of contemporary society. 


Travis’s work has been shown extensively throughout Miami and during Miami Art Week. In 2020, she was part of a multidisciplinary team awarded a $10,000 grant by Magic Leap and the University of Miami to develop a collaborative mixed-reality experience. Prior to her MFA program, Travis was a resident and Artist Representative on the Board of Directors at the Bakehouse Art Complex.