The Bonnier Gallery is extremely proud to announce our participation in this year's edition of Untitled Art in Miami Beach. The fair returns with  a program of curated Special Projects, Monuments, performances, podcast conversations and events for the 2022 edition. In addition, six new prizes will be awarded to participating galleries and artists. This year marks the fair’s most international presentation to date, focusing on collaboration across the art community. Untitled Art’s programming, Special Projects, and Monuments series are part of an expanded curatorial platform spearheaded by Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud in support of the wider arts ecosystem – both globally and locally in Miami. Selected artists, galleries, and non-profits will tackle topics from the environment, to race and diversity, to artificial intelligence in an effort to celebrate new and underrepresented voices.

  • Yucef Merhi

    Yucef Merhi

  • The Bonnier Gallery will be presenting a solo presentation of Yucef Merhi's latest work, "Kingpin," from his Datagram series. Kingpin is a data-based installation made with information obtained from the database of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The data reveals personal details of companies and individuals linked with international criminal organizations.


    The name of the work was coined from the Kingpin Act, a law that authorizes the President of the United States to block assets and bank accounts of foreign criminal kingpins. Its purpose is to deny significant foreign narcotics traffickers, their related businesses and their operatives, access to the U.S. financial system. The Kingpin Act also prohibits all trade and transactions between the traffickers and U.S. companies and individuals, allowing the Treasury Department to freeze any assets of the cartels found in United States jurisdictions and to prosecute Americans who help the cartels handle their money.

  • Yucef Merhi, Kingpin, 2014-2022

    Yucef Merhi

    Kingpin, 2014-2022
    Intercepted data on paper
    dimensions variable
    Edition of 3 plus 1 artist's proof
  • Spotlight: Artist Yucef Merhi Turns the Digital Physical in Installation Focused on Hacked, Intercepted Govt. Documents

    Spotlight: Artist Yucef Merhi Turns the Digital Physical in Installation Focused on Hacked, Intercepted Govt. Documents

    November 29, 2022
    The Bonnier Gallery is presenting the artist's latest 'datagram' at Untitled Art Fair in Miami. Every month, hundreds of galleries add newly available works by thousands of artists to the...
  • In addition to "Kingpin," Merhi will be presenting "tête-à-tête," a special project organized by Adriana Meneses.

    tête-à-tête is a datagram installation that discloses for the first time the correspondence of two eminent cultural figures of the 20th century: French artist, August Herbin, and Romanian-born Venezuelan journalist, and founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas, Sofía Ímber. This work is comprised of enlarged hand-written letters, postcards, envelopes, and photographs, sent between Herbin and Ímber [de Meneses] in the late 1950s. tête-à-tête allows people to gaze and navigate the historical, emotional, and pragmatic complexities that foster art and drive art history. This work is in collaboration with the University of Miami Libraries and the Sofía Ímber Collection.

  • Amanda Keeley

    Amanda Keeley

  • The Bonnier Gallery is also pleased to present  "All is well, All is well, All is well," a special project by Amanda KeeleyInspired by Buddhist prayer wheels,  All is well All is well All is well is a cylindrical sculpture embedded with a text from the Heart Sutra, written in the direction of the sun's movement across the sky. Despite the traditional clockwise rotation of meditation wheels, Keeley will ask that the audience turn the wheel three times to the left to experience the artwork. Not only does this increase the merit earned by the wheel's use, but offers a mind-stabilization technique that trains the mind while the body is in motion. The practitioner can repeat the mantra as often as possible during the wheel's turning, sending positive energy into our universe.