Richard Höglund Presents Works in Gstaad, Switzerland

Richard Höglund | Chalet Farb


Rrose, vine, loom, tomb

Chalet Farb


To continue to paint at the end of the world is an act of acceptance, or an act of frivolity, or an act of disengagement or an act of engagement; it may be an act of defiance, or perhaps an act of denial, but it is an utterly human act. We cannot know our death. We can know ourselves only as immortal. Painting persists so long as humans do. Eros, the divine, work, and death. Four aspects of our existence are thoughtcenters for four series’ of paintings.

Rrose, vine, loom, tomb.

In this exhibition, these four bodies of work —work that has developed separately, yet concurrently over the last half a decade— are presented together for the first time.

Rrose is a series of indulgences celebrating the voluptuousness inherent to oil painting.

Vine Pictures are made from the memory of a moment on Naxos; the moment that is dusk, the witching hour, the moment of the apotheosis of the vine, an ephemeral flicker of dark light.

Loom Pictures are both depictions and indexical records of labor. The repetitious dragging of a gold or silver point across rugged marble and bone surfaces is concentrated in a geometry built from both the schema of a standing warp-weighted loom and simple geometric operations on a square. At the end of the labor, the concentration of work looms.

Tomb Pictures are paintings, a frontier, a framing. The geometry was stolen from the entrance to an Egyptian tomb.
a preview of works can be seen here.

Opening the 4th of February, 2023, from 4pm-7pm
Exhibition from the 4th - 27th of February 2023

Chalet Farb
Farbstraat 19

February 4, 2023