Richard Hoglund: Vine Pictures, Solo Show Opens at Ronchini Gallery

Richard Höglund | Ronchini Gallery

June 24 - September 21, 2021


Ronchini Gallery, London presents the third solo exhibition of American artist Richard Höglund, whose work explores the questions of consciousness, language, and mark-making. This exhibition sees the first appearance of Höglund's new Vine Pictures in the UK, introducing the viewer to deep relations between the thought, language, and interpretation that the artist’s immersive abstract compositions evoke.

Inspired by vines, the works in this show explore the sensual content of the concept and ideology behind it. Continuing themes explored in Höglund’s earlier series, these works stem from a profound philosophical approach to drawing. The artist allows the thought and sensation that the vine evokes within him to unfold; he follows the immaterial idea though his drawing and writing, trying to make space for it to mature unconstrained by the limits of figuration and interpretation. 
June 24, 2021