Yucef Merhi in Group Show at The Bass Museum of Art

Yucef Merhi | The Bass Museum of Art
The Bonnier Gallery is pleased to announce the inclusion of  The Poetic Clock 2.0 (2000) by Miami-based artist Yucef Merhi in Phraseology, the upcoming exhibition at The Bass Museum of Art.

Phraseology opens on Saturday, July 30 and will be on view through April 16, 2023. This new exhibition, featuring works from The Bass Collection and works on loan, explores language in modern and contemporary art. Artists in Phraseology use word play, political activism, subversion of advertising or appropriation of form to reveal, amplify and question histories and contemporary issues.

The Poetic Clock 2.0 is a digital clock that transforms time into poetry and generates 86,400 different poems every day. It is comprised of four rows of text. The first line of verse changes with every hour. The second line of verse changes with every minute. The third line of verse changes with every second. Finally, the fourth line shows the hour as HH:MM:SS. The reading of the three verses produces an articulated and coherent poem; a poem that mutates each second, minute, and hour, a poem that is continuously becoming another of itself, displaying through language the movement of time. Therefore, the clock produces no more and no less than 86,400 poems every single day.
July 21, 2022