Minimalist & Conceptual Movement Highlighted at The Bonnier Gallery

“The newly constructed space, located in Miami’s Allapattah neighborhood adjacent to the internationally renowned art districts of Design District and Wynwood, will be a haven for art lovers. Gallery owner Grant Bonnier, along with his wife and business partner Christina Bonnier, are Miami natives who felt compelled to create a space that will shine among their neighbors in Miami’s unique art enclave. Their concept for the gallery is inspired by early 20thcentury artists for whom form and philosophy need an artistic expression. “Throughout history, the artist and the poet have worked in tandem,” said Grant Bonnier, whose plans for The Bonnier Gallery include working with community art purveyors like Books & Books and O, Miami. “The celebration was one of ideas, with less emphasis on form. Our goal is to create a space for those who value this intersection of literature and visual art.” 

January 19, 2019