• About Us

  • Our Mission

    The Bonnier Gallery is a Post-War & Contemporary art gallery operating in both primary and secondary market works across all media. Our core aim is to promote the visual and literary arts in South Florida and abroad. To that end, the gallery’s principal focus remains on providing a public space that fosters meaningful engagements between our exhibits and the cultural community. Through unique exhibitions, American & European art fairs, and scholarly catalogues, we seek to place our artists’ work in a wide range of international private and museum collections.

  • Our Services

    Art Acquisitions 

    We offer our clients years of experience and longstanding relationships within the Arts. We work with established collectors and also first-time buyers. We help clients navigate the art market, assisting in the purchasing of artwork in every medium, and from a variety of sources such as other galleries, dealers, publishers, auction houses, and artist’s studios.


    Collection Management 

    We professionally archive and catalogue collections with the leading art collection management software and update insurance values as required. Each individual piece is fully researched and updated with all relevant exhibition history and provenance information. We also oversee shipping, framing, installation, and conservation.


    Selling Art

    The principal focus of The Bonnier Gallery is the secondary market. We have experience reselling artwork for clients and liquidating entire collections. We work as agents for our clients by accessing the current market and advising on the ideal timing per individual sales. With our established relations with art logistic companies we can ensure to minimize costs and maximize returns. 


    Corporate Art Services

    Art has become a central component to many companies. We work with developers, designers, and architects. We ensure we gain a clear understanding of the client’s art needs and interests. We manage all aspects including, selection, presentation, purchase, framing, shipping, installation, lighting, labeling, and placement of artwork.


    Fine Art Appraisals 

    We provide fine art appraisals for insurance proposes, financial planning, estate taxes, and charitable donations. All donations are performed in accordance with USPAP.


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